“Together we will succeed!” is the motto which best describes the work of our company.


Any small or medium enterprise will not resist on the market unless it promotes products or services of superior quality. This can only be achieved if enterprises own specialized, highly qualified personnel, and since many of them are only at the beginning of a long road, they may not afford to do so.

Our company together with its staff is ready to come in support to any enterprise that wishes to qualify and train its staff in the craft of Welding and Machining.

We wish to create a collaboration meant to upgrade the quality standards of the products and services offered by small and medium enterprises, thus giving them an advantage on the market.

A place where dreams come true;




Our company comes in assist to young people, unemployed people, unqualified people, people over 50 years old who wish for a professional qualification/re-conversion and finding a new beginning on the job market.

Even if previously it had not been easy for them to find work, such people that have received our Qualification Certificate find work almost immediately, becoming highly demanded on the job market.

All EU-member Countries recognize our Certificates;




Our Certificates are endorsed by The Ministry of Work and Social Justice, The Ministry of National Education and are fully recognized by all the EU-member Countries.