Our Company’s Staff will help anyone not only to master both theoretical and practical knowledge in the domain of welding and machining, but also become a qualified craftsman capable of fully comprehending blueprints and technical sketches and respecting work safety.

 Eng. Ioan Marin CRISAN-President; Principal

As the founder of the company, Mr. Ioan Marin CRISAN has always had a perspective to help others make progress. The company designed by him comes in aid to numerous small and medium enterprises when it comes to qualifying personnel. Mr. Ioan Marin CRISAN has years of experience in the domain of welding, organizing every year a competition for young people entitled Tineretul Sudeaza” (Youngsters Welding).

 Viorel MICLOSI, Ph.D – Scientific Consultant;

Being one of the people that had had an impact on setting the roots of welding in Romania, Prof. Viorel Miclosi is a valuable member of our company and of the Romanian society. Nowadays, besides conducting significant scientific research in the domain of welding, Prof. Viorel MICLOSI also provides scientific information to our company.

Prof. Francisc TUSZTheoretical Trainer;

A key member to our company, Prof. Francisc TUSZ ensures that every craftsman our company qualifies masters all the theoretical knowledge when it comes to welding, machining, blueprints and sketches, and most importantly, work safety. Prof. Francisc TUSZ also has a significant role in scientific research at The Romanian Welding Institute in Timisoara and also used to teach welding engineering at “Aurel Vlaicu” University in Arad.


Gabi CHITESCUPractical Trainer;

Using his welding experience as the practical trainer, Mr. Gabriel CHITESCU ensures that the people we qualify become true craftsmen. Not only does he guide others to master the craft of welding, but also to respect work safety and choose the best consumables. A few years ago, Mr Gabriel CHITESCU had won the Romanian National Welding Competition “Tineretul Sudeaza” (Youngsters Welding) two times in a row, refusing to participate a third time in order to give others a chance to win.