Welder Course

Our Offer – The Electric Welder Course;




Even though the job of a welder is demanding, it is also exquisite and highly requested in the industry. Our company offers a training program where people can learn everything about welding, machining, blueprints and sketches, and most importantly, work safety.

The Course is composed of a total of 360 hours : 120 of theory, 240 of practice; (approx. 3 months)

Theory Course is held 2 times a week and Practice Course is held 4 times a week;

Practice Course will include 3 welding procedures:

  1. MMA -using covered electrodes;
  2. MIG – MAG;
  3. TIG – WIG;

CONDITIONS: Every enlisted person must have graduated at least 8 classes;


PRICE:  €1500 -payable in 3 turns;

All EU-member Countries recognize our Welder Certificates;



Our Certificates are endorsed by The Ministry of Work and Social Justice, The Ministry of National Education and are fully recognized by all the EU-member Countries.