Welding School

70% of today’s industry is dependent on welding;




Even though the job of a welder is highly required, highly qualified personnel is very hard to be found as well as in Romania and in Europe, mainly because most of the professional schools have been shut down and many of the youth would rather choose easier jobs.

An opportunity for small and medium enterprises;




No enterprise can deliver high quality products/services without highly qualified members.

Our company has been designed to help small and medium enterprises which may not afford to employ specialized personnel .

It is our specialty to qualify and train the staff of any enterprise in the craft of welding, machining, blueprints and technical sketches, and work safety in a very short time and at very low expenses.

We can achieve this in only three months, and only at €1250/person (payable in 3 turns), while other qualification centers’ program may take a lot longer to put into effect and at greater expenses.

Modern Equipment  for reaching new heights;




Our company offers clients a spacious lecture room and a workshop fully equipped with everything necessary to master the craft of welding and machining, while also respecting work safety.

Our workshop is approximately 700 sqm, and is equipped with an exhaustion installation for gasses released from welding, four Kemppi MIG-MAG 450A machines, two Kemppi TIG-WIG 350A machines, four Kemppi 350A inverters,four angular grinders,one fixed grinder, one 100A plasma cutter, 20 strap-on welding masks, 20 pairs of steel tipped boots, 20 pairs of welding gloves, 20 welding aprons;

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